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Agrovivo is the leading producer of grain in Central Ukraine

Agrovivo has evolved and developed to become an effective and successful agricultural company. We sustainably farm and manage land growing a diverse range of crops, continually working with all of our stakeholders to enable the continuous development and improvement of the company.

Encouraging a nourishing environment for our farming system is at the heart of what we do. From Soil health to precision farming and forward-thinking cultivation techniques, we take a long-term view that leaves a positive land legacy and strong working partnerships. Attention to detail and innovation is paramount to our business.

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Partnership &
Social Responsibility
What we do

One of the leading cereal crop producers in Central Ukraine.

Agrovivo has a diversified production mix incorporating grains and oilseeds of top performing varieties. Our vision is simple and clear, we try to learn from the past and from agricultural best practices to ensure that our core assets are protected and improved. This ethos helps to maintain the sustainability of earnings and production across the business within our long-term approach.