Agrovivo is actively considering increasing the land bank in the surrounding areas to current operations in the Cherkasy and Kirovograd Oblasts.
An incredibly important element of a sustainable faming enterprise is to ensure that the key component, soil fertility, is being maintained and improved to ensure the continued success of crops.
Corn harvesting is in progress at Agrovivo with over half the planted area harvested.
Sunflower harvest is continuing at Agrovivo with over half the crop being successfully harvested. Our agronomy team is constantly checking the crop condition and harvesting at the most optimum time.
Agrovivo have been changing the cultivation strategy of the enterprise in light of changing climatic conditions but also as part of the optimisation strategy to improve future farm performance.
Agrovivo have been carrying out soil analysis across the different areas of the enterprise to determine the soils in the fields, as well as to establish boundaries between different soils and take samples for analysis.
Agrovivo have purchased the first Claydon 6 metre Hybrid Strip-Till Drill in Ukraine, part of the business strategy to move towards technologies that improve soil structure and retain soil moisture.
Precision farming technologies continue to gain popularity in the agricultural sector. This is a system of measures and technological methods that allow greater efficiency in the processing of fields, fertilizing, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and so on
With today’s challenges and complexities in modern agricultural enterprises, a comprehensive farm management platform is an essential component for any agricultural business. Agrovivo have chosen Agrocontrol as the desired farm management platform for all farming operations, the company, and we are currently finalising implementation across the company.
Last week, Agrovivo started the spring sowing campaign. After pre-sowing tillage – cultivation and application of fertilizers – we started sowing late spring crops. Currently, Corn is the first spring crop to be sown and will be quickly followed by Sunflower and Soya.