Agrovivo Agronomy Team conducted a soil analysis across the cluster

Agrovivo Agronomy Team conducted a soil analysis across the cluster

Agrovivo have been carrying out soil analysis across the different areas of the enterprise to determine the soils in the fields, as well as to establish boundaries between different soils and take samples for analysis.

Soil is the product of several factors: the influence of climate, relief, organisms and parent rock, interacting over time. It is constantly undergoing development and change through numerous processes. Climate change in Ukraine and the displacement of natural and climatic zones by 200 km leads to gradual changes in the composition and type of soils, which must be constantly monitored and updated.

The land on which Agrovivo operates is located across a number of different village districts with different climatic conditions and soil types: from deep chernozems on clay soils. To ensure that resources are being utilised as efficiently as possible, it is a necessity to regularly analyse the soil.

“Soil analysis is carried out every 3-5 year to monitor the state and changes in soil fertility. This enables us to accurately plan our inputs and fertilisation strategy according to the latest information, enabling us to ensure that we are utilising our resources as best as we possible can” said Yuri Kornev, Chief Agronomist at Agrovivo.