Land and Partnerships

Agrovivo cultivates 4,200 hectares around the territory of Mihaylovka, Timoshovka and Osota village councils in Cherkasy Oblast. The total number of land owners working in partnership with us is now well over 2,000 people and constantly growing.

We offer a partnership based on trust and mutual respect, offering guaranteed fair and timely rental fees, payment of relevant taxes and other support where applicable. Land owners can chose how they want to receive their rental fee – monetary payment or payment with crop, whichever is the preferred payment method.

Agrovivo has a team of land administrators ensuring that a local point of contact is always available and through this method we retain a strong relationship with every village community and stakeholder within our operating sphere. This close collaboration enables us to resolve any issues that may arise with immediate effect enabling us to continuously strive for the best working relationships possible.

Agrovivo is constantly seeking new opportunities and partnerships. If you have land available in the Cherkasy and Kirovograd oblasts, or in other geographic locations, we are always open to considering and discussing new opportunities.