Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the most important areas within our business agenda and we strive to achieve all of our social obligations towards all of our stakeholders. This includes the payment of salaries and taxes combined with the commitments that we make to the landowners and communities in the areas that we operate in. This also includes commitments to each land owner (fair rent payment and legal responsibilities) alongside social investments including environmental safety, professional development and staff protection.


Agrovivo ensures that we continuously invest in our employees through continuous training and cross functional skill sets. Our employees are our most important asset and we ensure that all of our employees have good working conditions, a fair salary and full labour law compliance.

We continuously strive to build and develop an efficient, proactive team of result-oriented individuals who seek to improve their skills through innovation and task ownership.


Sustainability is the fundamental principle of our activities. The use of modern agricultural practices and technology ensures the ability to decrease pollution and increase the soil quality of the land we farm. The company takes a balanced approach to crop rotation ensuring that maximum soil health is achieved.

Community Support

Community support in the regions where Agrovivo is active is very important and the initiatives are typically aimed at improving the standard of living of those in the area.

Agrovio contributes to the complex development of the regions in which it operates through helping the community with infrastructure projects and social support.