Agrovivo Sunflower Harvest

Agrovivo Sunflower Harvest

Sunflower harvest is continuing at Agrovivo with over half the crop being successfully harvested. Our agronomy team is constantly checking the crop condition and harvesting at the most optimum time.

Agrovivo plan to start harvesting corn on the 1st of October. Crop analysis is being carried out currently to ensure that we are harvesting in the optimum time frame.

Yuri Kornev, Chief Agronomist at Agrovivo, spoke about the agronomic requirements for sunflower harvesting.

“Agrovivo pays serious attention to agrotechnical requirements for sunflower harvesting. Plants are cut at a height of 80cm to 140cm depending on the seed variety. The working speed of the combine when harvesting sunflower should be 5-8 km / h. Harvesting sunflower is carried out in the phase of full ripeness of seeds at a humidity from 14.5% to 16%. We evaluate the quality of the combine's operation by 4 main indicators: grain loss, grain damage, degree of cleaning and cutting height,” said Yuri Konev.

As the harvest progresses, we will be able to update further.