Agrovivo implements precision farming strategy

Agrovivo implements precision farming strategy

Precision farming technologies continue to gain popularity in the agricultural sector. This is a system of measures and technological methods that allow greater efficiency in the processing of fields, fertilizing, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and so on. The precision farming system begins with automated guidance using satellite navigation. Agrovivo is transitioning its machinery fleet across to RTK (Real Time Kinetic) which can make sure a tractor and its implement is working within +/-2cm of its required position. Trimble equipment using CenterPoint RTX has been installed across the tractor and machinery fleet.

“Previously, we used navigation systems that were accurate to +/- 15 – 20cm. As we are converting across to Strip Tillage, it was a necessity to increase the accuracy of our systems to ensure machines are working in their required positions. Precise machinery positioning will ensure that we are reducing soil compaction while maximising inputs and reducing our costings. Over time, we plan to introduce technologies that will enable us to apply the exact amount of fertilizer, taking into account the characteristics of the soil and, ensuring maximum efficiency throughout,” said Yuri Kornev, chief agronomist Agrovivo.

Precision guidance on machinery ensures the consistence in field work quality, no matter the visibility (night, fog, etc.), a sharp decrease in the percentage of reseeding that is required and double processing of plant protection products. In addition, the primary goal of introducing RTK guidance driving is to reduce company costs by:

  • accurate positioning and navigation of agricultural machinery;
  • greater utilisation of plant protection products;
  • improved operational control of agricultural machinery;
  • improved fertiliser usage

Agrovivo continues to test and implement new precision farming projects to enable the company to maximise efficiency and profitability. By continuing to champion new technologies, Agrovivo can ensure that it is at the forefront of agriculture in Ukraine.