Finalising the implementation of Agrocontrol

Finalising the implementation of Agrocontrol

With today’s challenges and complexities in modern agricultural enterprises, a comprehensive farm management platform is an essential component for any agricultural business. Agrovivo have chosen Agrocontrol as the desired farm management platform for all farming operations, the company, and we are currently finalising implementation across the company.

All of our machinery is fitted with GPS trackers, fuel tank monitoring systems and operator identification terminals. We have now added the automated identification of implements and equipment which allows you to fully automate the process of accounting and control of field work. By reducing the administrative burden on our agronomists and machinery operators, it allows them to maximise their time and attention on the operations that they are performing.

'Fieldwork operations are recorded through the platform in real time allowing the continued control of operations and the added ability to analyse operational performance. This enables us to review our operational functions and continuously improve our productivity. The farm management platform also includes land bank accounting and field mapping, satellite field monitoring (vegetation indices NDVI, EVI2, GNDVI), integrated weather stations and a mobile agronomy module (Agroscouting).

A fully integrated harvesting module which includes a ‘friend or foe’ system (which means that our combines cannot unload into a transport vehicle which is not carrying our GPS tag) and an automated weight and humidity recording module which enables our team to monitor the different processes in harvesting operations. Another key element of the system is the digitised fuel control module that controls all of the fuel stations on the farm and records and calculates the delivery of fuel to all farm vehicles which all carry their unique RFID card. Without the RFID card, our digitised fuel dispensing pumps will not allow the operator to dispense any fuel, which again allows us greater control over one of our key inputs. The additional beauty of all of this is that Agrocontrol automatically calculates operational costs once they are completed’ commented Michael Rahanov, Agrovivo Farm Manager.

Once fully integrated with the 1C accounting platform, Agrovivo will be operating on one of the most comprehensive farm management platforms in Eastern Europe enabling the company to continue developing and embracing new technologies.