New Era of Strip-Till Technology for Agrovivo

New Era of Strip-Till Technology for Agrovivo

Agrovivo have purchased the first Claydon 6 metre Hybrid Strip-Till Drill in Ukraine, part of the business strategy to move towards technologies that improve soil structure and retain soil moisture.

Strip-tilling involves localising the work of the soil on the future line of sowing without affecting the inter-rank. By creating a bed of seed comparable to that of a conventional work on the row while leaving on-surface residues between rows, we keep at the most the advantages of no-till seeding are kept while the setting-up of the cultivation is secured.

“With the ever-changing weather patterns, soil moisture issue and the on-going drive to optimise and increase farm efficiency, Strip-Till technology will be of substantial benefit to us, enabling the accumulation of moisture in the soil and increasing the quality of the organic matter. Combined with the reduction in input costings, we really do see Strip-Till technology as one of our firm future pillars,” said Yuri Kornev, Chief Agronomist Agrovivo.