Agrovivo has started Spring Sowing

Agrovivo has started Spring Sowing

Last week, Agrovivo started the spring sowing campaign. After pre-sowing tillage – cultivation and application of fertilizers – we started sowing late spring crops.

Currently, Corn is the first spring crop to be sown and will be quickly followed by Sunflower and Soya.

“Our main problem is climate change. So far this year, we have had far less rain than average and our soil did not receive enough moisture. We started the sowing campaign as planned to ensure that we did not lose any more of the moisture in the soil”, commented Yuri Kornev, Head Agronomist at Agrovivo.

“This will be our last sowing campaign using the classic tillage system as we have decided to convert across to Strip Till to improve our soil moisture, soil composition and most importantly, our margins”, commented Michael Rahanov, Farm Manager at Agrovivo.

Agrovivo continues working in its usual way, while observing all measures to exclude the transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) between the company’s employees.